Information about ISTP

First of all...

Welcome on this free website. We are glad that you want to get to know more about the project ISTP. At the outset, let’s look at the acronym ISTP. It stands for Labour Market Integrated System which is a database of all existing jobs in the Slovak labour market, as well as counselling tools that are useful for finding a job corresponding to educational attainment, experience, knowledge and skills of the website user.

A few words from history...

ISTP has been operating since 2003. The reason for its creation was high unemployment, which necessitated the need to improve and optimize advisory and brokerage services of labour offices. For this purpose, a free publicly accessible portal was created that offers to unemployed on-line access to their labour potential diagnosis and follow-up search of adequate job vacancies. It was also an appeal to employers to publicly articulate their requirements and demands for qualified workforce.

Project sponsorship

From the above it is clear that the project is under the “umbrella” of state authorities. Project sponsor is Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic and project coordinator is Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. This relates to the tasks arising from the Programme Declaration of the Government of the Slovak Republic, as well as other national and European documents. Worth mentioning is also the support from Federation of Employers’ Associations of the Slovak Republic, National Union of Employers, Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic and Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Slovak Republic, for instance in the context of Slovakia’s commitments arising from the European Social Charter and ILO Convention on free provision of timely labour market information. Functionality of the application is ensured by TREXIMA Bratislava implementation team.

For whom is the website mainly intended? What can users expect?

In the first place, it is intended for unemployed people, both jobseekers and voluntarily unemployed who are looking for work. They can find here employers’ requirements as regards education, knowledge, skills, competencies (e.g. communication, foreign language skills, presentation skills, physical fitness, etc.), but also a continuously updated database of job vacancies.

Employers receive useful information as regards performance of personnel management, publishing of requirements for the qualification of the labour force and publishing of job vacancies.

The information is also intended for pupils, students, their parents and school counsellors about what education is needed to perform various jobs, which schools offer such education, as well as advice on planning a future career.

Employees of labour offices gain useful information system facilitating registration process of clients, creation of their personal profiles and their mediation to employers with vacancies, planning of job seekers training and the like.

Who participates in the creation of Catalogue of occupations and how?

It’s the experts from various fields, i.e. employers, educational counsellors, teachers, psychologists, physicians, statisticians, who work in ISTP expert teams. They provide information about characteristics of jobs, optimal education (including degree and study programmes), certificates, health restrictions as well as wages and job vacancies.